Top 5 Seafarer Mortgage Myth’s Exposed!

Top 5 Seafarer Mortgage Myth’s Exposed!

There seems to be a lot of myths and misunderstanding surrounding mortgages and yacht crew. The 5 main myths that pop up all the time when initially speaking to clients:

1. I need a permanent contract in order to get a mortgage?

False: If you have fixed term contracts, and can evidence 2 years history via tax returns, and at least 6 months remaining on your current contract, then you can still get a mortgage.

2. I need payslips to get a Mortgage?

False: As long as you have 2 years tax returns then this is fine.

3. Interest rates available to seafarers are much higher than someone working in the UK?

False: Seafarers have access to the same competitive rates as the average person working in the UK.

4. Because I don’t pay tax in the UK I will be able to get a much larger mortgage than I would if I did pay tax?

False: The maximum loan amount is calculated based on a person’s gross salary (i.e. before tax), so the fact that no tax is deducted doesn’t make a difference.

5. I can’t get a Buy to Let Mortgage if I’m a first-time buyer?

False: We work with lenders that are happy to offer first time buyer Buy to Let mortgages, at the same competitive interest rate as anyone else.

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*Your House may be repossessed if you do not keep up with your mortgage repayments*