I don't need a mortgage broker!

I don't need a mortgage broker!

‘I don’t need a mortgage broker to obtain a mortgage I can simply deal directly with my bank.’

The problem with dealing directly with your bank is although they may initially say that your mortgage will be approved. They will then weeks later turn your mortgage down, as they simply do not understand seafarers. We receive one call a week on average from a client who has spent several weeks dealing with their bank only for their mortgage application to be declined.

The key role that a mortgage broker plays in negotiating you the best mortgage deal, as well as carefully packaging your case should not be underestimated. This week we had a new client whose mortgage application had just been declined because he was not on a permanent contract and because he didn’t have the required employment history. The very same day a mortgage application that we had put through was approved, with the same lender, and under the same circumstances as the client who had put in his own application.

The ‘packaging’ of your case is of vital importance, and as specialists in arranging mortgages for yacht crew we know exactly what underwriters want to see, and how to put your case together with the best chance of receiving a ‘yes’ as quickly as possible!

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