Mortgage Success

Mortgage Success

With an opportunity to get on the housing ladder in her sights, Louisa contacted Mortgages for Yacht Crew, to see if we could help her with finding a Buy to Let mortgage. As with many first-time buyers, Louisa wasn’t sure how much she could borrow, or what value properties she should look at.

Our first step was to answer all of her questions and set her mind at ease, so I went on a fact-finding mission, making phone calls and researching suitable lenders. Within a day I was able to give Louisa an accurate loan amount that she could work with.

As a result of my swift research, she was able to enjoy all the fun of house hunting and found a property really quickly. We had to work with equal speed, putting the application in on Monday, ensuring the valuation was completed on Tuesday, and by Friday Louisa had received a mortgage offer letter from her lender.

This is just one of many success stories!

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